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Maintenance Products Novascoot

The category Novascoot maintenance products contains all oil and sprays that will help in the maintenance of your scooter. You can find transmission oil, cockpit spray, engine cleaner and chain spray by our own brand Novascoot here.

Cleaners Novascoot

In this group you will find everything for cleaning your scooter and its parts. For example, the cockpit spray is useful for cleaning your helmet/visor or windscreen. Because of the moisture repellent layer, you no longer suffer from dirt and rain and maintain your good visibility. The engine cleaner is a powerful oil that removes grease from your brake discs and clutch discs. The brake cleaner is a spray that dissolves the heaviest dirt. You can also find the carburettor spray. Very handy for cleaning injection systems and carburettors.

Novascoot oil

Novascoot's 2-stroke and 4-stroke oils are of excellent quality and ensure the preservation of your vehicle. Use the vehicle filter on our website to see which oil is suitable for your scooter. The transmission oil is suitable for heavily loaded transmissions and rear hubs. The Novascoot fork oil is suitable to prevent wear under extreme conditions.This ensures a longer life of your scooter.

Other maintenance products Novascoot

In this group you will find specialized products. Here you will find demineralized water to refill your battery, coolant for cooling the engine and brake fluid for lubricating drum and disc brakes.

Sprays Novascoot

Besides the oil, there are several sprays that help you with the maintenance of your scooter. For instance, the silicone spray protects your scooter parts against weather influences. The protective film provides the repulsion of mud and dirt. The vaseline spray protects chrome parts against corrosion and rust. If you have rusted locks, bolts or nuts, this spray is a perfect lubricant. What is stuck you get loose!

Greases Novascoot

The tire mounting paste makes mounting your outer tire a lot easier. The ceramic grease can be used when mounting/dismounting exhaust bolts or cylinder studs. We also offer Novascoot grease. This can be used as a sliding grease for threads, chains and gears.